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BST Capital Investment platform

Smart Investing Making your portofolio grow

Invest with a reliable firm to maximize your returns and create a future of prospersity from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $2 Million you can start earning a living or retire from your job without any trading knowledge of experience.

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About us

A Leading Financial Company

Our careful selection of our management team & investment advisors, has allowed us to work efficiently to unlock the highest returns in value for shareholders, employees and public Investors. What is important to us is to balance between dealing with risk we expose our portfolio too compared the returns we stand to gain.

Our user friendly online investment platform allows anyone who is of legal age from the united stated or any other country to create an investment portfolio to earn sustainable returns of 3% - 10% daily from investment package of $50 up to $2 000 000, Which makes it accessible to almost everyone around the world.

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Our Mission is a statement of our excellence

With over 25+ years of combined experience. We believe that if we create winning opportunities today without over selling on risk, We will still be able to create winning opportunities for the next generation. Based on that philosophy, we strive to place our Investment portfolio in a position that Benefits our investors with their various financial goals whether it be retirement plans (pension), investors as it has continued to Grow as a company

Your children’s Education, Your Dream Car, Paying of your House loan or settling your debts, We strive to provide our clients with Consistent, safe & solid Returns on their portfolio during their time with us ,BST Capital has been consistently serving its clients and.

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Weekly Package

3% Daily Profit
  • Min:$50
  • Max:$500
  • Bonus:$5
  • Referral Bonus:1.5%
  • Withdrawal Start:7 Days
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Monthly Package

5% Daily Profit
  • Min:$1000
  • Max:$50 000
  • Bonus:$50
  • Referral Bonus:6%
  • Withdrawal Start:30 Days
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Yearly Package

10% Daily Profit
  • Min:$100 000
  • Max:$2 000 000
  • Bonus:$5000
  • Referral Bonus:20%
  • Withdrawal Start:30 Days
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Why Should you Invest?

Your one stop solution ofr simplified and reliable returns in medium terms

Guranteed Returns

Earnings are 100% guranteed. No need to refer People or Pay HIGH fees to earn of withdraw your earnings .

Active support team

We have an support team accross dedicated accounts to assit with any issue encountered.

Safe and secure

Our platform is Secured with a SSL, well protected against attacks or spyware hackers. We assure our partners 100% safety of their details and funds